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Tales of the Tape: Tampa Bay Lightning 4/7/09, Bill Guerin vs. Evgeny Artyukhin

So my prediction of Chris Kunitz getting into a fight to match his linemates didn't come to pass, but we still had an unexpected fighter emerge as Bill Guerin came back for an encore performance. Unfortunately, it's not much to write home (or to Pensburgh) about.

What do you say about this one? Guerin and Artyukhin met up in the corner along with Gonchar and St. Louis and after a few shoves, the gloves came off and they locked up. A few blows were attempted, a bit of rocking, and then both men got 5 minute majors for hugging. As far as fights go, this one was one for the insomniac cure book.

The only thing of note is Artyukhin is a bigger guy than Guerin, which could have made for an epic Little Mac story had this gone beyond hugging. But it didn't and I am saddened. This one's a draw.