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How to pass the time before Game 1 between Caps/Pens

After reading every preview there is to read and counting down the days by carving tally marks into your desk at work, game day is now only one day away.  The realization that tomorrow kicks off an "every other day" of hockey for at least the next week or so is ever closer. 

Still, there's one more day.  Roughly 24 hrs from the typing of this post actually.

So how can you help pass the time?  Here are just a few suggestions.

  1. Simulate the Pens/Caps series on NHL 09 ten times and see the result.  The Pens came out on top six out of 10 with no series going less than five games.  In his best performance Malkin finished with 4 goals and 4 assists over six games.  Ovechkin picked up 5 goals and 3 assists over six.
  2. Create a voicemail with the Evgeni Malkin soundboard.  My best one was, "I'm Evgeni Malkin.  I feel great.  I like my mom my dad.  Practice this move and more score.  Thank you."
  3. Watch old videos of former Caps and Pens series.  Every time I watch the Petr Nedved one I instantly fall into a coma the next day.
  4. Edumakate yourself with regards to the enemy and read Hooks' get to know a Cap features.  Like the ones on Brooks Laich and Chris Clark.
  5. Take the leap over to Japers' Rink and mingle with the folks there.
  6. Pretend you care about what's happening in the west and watch the Detroit/Anaheim game tonight.
  7. Actually care about what's happening in the East and watch the Boston/Carolina game tonight.

And yes, that's how I've been passing the time.  If there's anything else feel free to suggest it in the comments.