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Get to know a Cap: Tomas Fleischmann

Ed note: I've lived about a mile away from the Capitals practice rink for the past two years.  I've gone to a lot of practices, met players at bars and watched a lot of games, so I think I have a handle on these guys....We all know Ovechkin shoots, Backstrom passes and Green sneaks in on the power-play, but here's a look at the "other" players that are going to play a huge role in the upcoming series

Tomas Fleischmann

#14 / Right Wing / Washington Capitals



May 16, 1984

2008 - Tomas Fleischmann 73 19 18 37 -3 20 7 0 4 0 131 14.5

Who he is: Tomas Fleischmann is one of the few forwards the Caps use in all situations.  He was 5th on the team in power-play goals for the regular season, and 3rd when it came to game winning goals for the Caps, so he's a guy who'll score some timely goals too.  Many Caps fans feel "Flash" is almost too relied on by Coach Bruce Boudreau, because there are stretches where he isn't very visible.  Fleischmann will play with a lot of different players, sometimes with Alex Semin and Sergei Fedorov, sometimes with Brooks Laich and Eric Fehr sometimes with any combination of the above. 

How the Pens can neutralize him:  Growl at him.  While Fleischmann is a forward of good skill, he's not a very physical player at all.  He shies away from physical contact, and if you go at him, sometimes he'll back down and not play as forceful a game.