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Penguins hold slight edge in all-time record against Hurricanes

Since the Carolina Hurricanes' inception into the NHL in 1997, the Penguins have more or less played them to a stalemate.  Out of 110 games played over 11 seasons, the Penguins hold the slight edge with a 50-46-3 record.  There's also 11 ties on record which, given the new NHL rules, may lack consideration in today's day and age.

Of course, back in the early days Carolina was a (Edit: relocated) team ripe with goaltending talent along the likes of Sean Burke, Kirk McLean and Trevor Kidd. (Note sarcasm)

Pitt, on the other hand, was still riding on the heels of the goalie tandem of Tom Barrasso and Ken Wregget.  Ron Francis and Jaromir Jagr were holding it down on offense at the time, but now two of those four guys are bountifully employed by Carolina.

If that doesn't put the current insignificance of this stat into perspective for you than not much else will.  It obviously doesn't play a huge factor in this series, the first ever postseason meeting between the two teams.  Fact is I was bored, looked into a few stats and decided to share.

Tally another one in the "how to kill time before a series" category.