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Being down 0-1 is nothing new to the Carolina Hurricanes

Will Game 1 losses finally catch up with the Canes?

Pittsburgh fans are excited about the big game one win, and for good reason. Marc-Andre Fleury was awesome in the net, Evgeni Malkin was galloping all over the ice with the puck and the 3rd line was spent more time on the cycle than a washing machine.

But being down in a 0-1 series hole is nothing new for Carolina. As a #6 seed, they've been on the road for three Game 1's. And now they're 0-3 in the opening game, even though they're obviously 2-0 in the series.

They beat legendary Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils in the opening round, battling back. The Canes will score with 0.2 seconds, they will win in over-time the game after you win in OT, they will shut you out the game after you shut them out. They scratch and claw and do what it takes to outlast their opponents.  They did it again to the top seeded Boston Bruins, the popular selection to be a SC finalist, battling through respective Vezina and Norris candidates in Tim Thomas and Zdeno Chara, respectively.  Even though Boston hammered Carolina in G1, the Hurricanes found a way to win.

And Game 2's have been a big reason why.  It's been the bounce back game for Carolina. They're 2-0 in Game two's this season, defeating NJ 2-1 in over-time and shutting out Boston 3-0. As I always like to say, a team is in pretty good shape if they can take one of the first two road games and then hold serve on their own home ice. So even though Carolina has fallen into their fimiliar hole, by winning the second game they steal the momentum and take it back to Raleigh for the Caniacs to give them an advantage.

The point is, even though Carolina's down by no means are they out, nor should anyone expect them to panic.  Pittsburgh is going to have to do what New Jersey and Boston couldn't, and that's put the Hurricanes in a 2-0 hole heading home, instead of having it tied 1-1.

(Later today: A look at the Matt Cooke kneeing incident)