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Preview and notes for Game Two: Penguins vs. Hurricanes

With almost three days separating the first two games it's pretty hard to find news that may come as any surprise.  Despite all the time off to rest and regroup both teams are still battling through some injuries.

Although Petr Sykora has been a bit of a question mark for the entire playoff run it at least comes as some relief to know he was on the ice for this morning's skate.  Whatever injury sidelined him for the playoffs (some assume shoulder) apparently was healthy enough for him to skate with the team.  Before he could get into a groove of sorts he was forced off the ice and attended to by trainers after injurying himself during drills.  According the the morning skate blog on the Penguins official site, he later returned without any obvious signs of an injury.  This guy just can't catch a break.

This is also one of the first morning skate blogs in nearly four games that hasn't made mention of Sergei Gonchar missing the practice or going easy through the workout.  Does this mean he's feeling better or we can just assume he's still dinged up?

On the Carolina side of things it looks as if Tuomo Ruutu is out for G2.  General Manager Jim Rutherford didn't question it at all, even alluding to the fact that Erik Cole may still be injured a bit as well:

"Definitely not Ruutu.  Cole's probably a little better than Ruutu, but whatever the case may be, we do have some time left before Game 2, so we'll have to see."

WRAL Sports

This morning's preview on the Hurricanes site suggests both players may be out of the lineup. 

And on a more amusing note, apparently you don't really cycle and/or chase the puck in hockey, according to the News Observer.  Although actual terms accepted in the hockey community, a writer at the News Observer insists on using quotation marks. 

They have to continue to "cycle" the Ptittsburgh defense right into the ice. By making them "chase," they will be able to generate plenty of chances. The players are convinced of that.

John Forslund
News Observer

"Live" open thread to come later tonight, hopefully with some updated lines heading up to the game.  If anything "develops" on the injuries to Cole and Ruutu we'll keep you posted.