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Fighting Through the Playoffs: 2-for-1, Satan vs. Eaves, Letang vs. Gleason

It's been a while since last we saw gloves dropped in the post-season, and for good reason. While the discipline makes for a stronger post-season performance, it does make my job around here a little dull, so imagine my surprise when I saw not one, but two fights break out in the game 2 win against the Hurricanes. The video here has both fights, so we'll cover them both. Take a look.

After the hit and the scrum, two fights break out. The first, closest to the net, sees Kris Letang taking on Tim Gleason. After a push and some jersey pulling, Gleason starts with the shots, connecting several times before Letang gets him down to the ice and the linesman jumps in to break the two up. I've been chastised several times about putting too much credit into the takedown, but even with it, Gleason had the better showing and picks up the win here.

While that fight is going on, if you look a bit to the right, you'll see Miroslav Satan locking up with Patrick Eaves. Eaves initially takes Satan down to the ice, but Satan manages to twist around and get over Eaves and starts wailing. Both men get back to their skates, and Satan gets Eaves in a headlock and pulls his jersey up before they are finally broken up. That's a Satan win in his first post-season fight and his second fight ever. I'm liking this.

So recapping here, Letang loss, Satan win, Penguins just six more wins away.

I'm going to apologize now if the poll seems confusing, but since I can only post one per entry, I'm trying to lump both results into one. Just make sure you read your choice carefully before you pick one. Or not, if you so choose.