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And so it's down to two - Detroit vs. Pittsburgh in the Finals

Despite our attempts at optimism earlier in the day, it goes without saying that Chicago would've needed to pull through with a tremendous effort to beat the defending Stanley Cup champs.  This one was, safe to say, an amazing goaltending duel between Chris Osgood and Christobal Huet.  

It took Detroit five games but Chicago didn't go out without some excitement.  In the wake of Nikolai Khabibulin going down with a lower-body injury, Huet put on one hell of a performance to keep Chicago's hopes alive.  [Edit] In the dying seconds of the third with the score tied at one, Huet made an easy save on Marian Hossa but a  ridiculous follow-up save on Johan Franzen that ultimately ensured overtime. [/edit]  Video available here (thanks WpgMikos).

Low scoring aside this was actually a really exciting game.  Chicago generated chances left and right but Osgood turned all but one aside.  With any luck he cools off before the Pitt series, or else this is going to be a tough one.

Detroit pulled out the win despite injuries to Pavel Datsyuk, Nik Lidstrom and Kris Draper.  We'll definitely be keeping an eye on those injuries later in the week.  Perhaps the quick series win by Detroit will benefit the Pens...

TV broadcast schedule to come soon, likely by later tonight (unless the league plans to work this one out in some ridiculous manner).

TV schedule for series posted up in fanposts.