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Penguins roundtable discusses more keys to victory

Seemingly every fool with a keyboard has a list of keys to victory.  At Faceoff Factor, they hosted a roundtable with a bunch of Pens bloggers for their thoughts on the singular factor they thought would propel the Penguins to victory.  Here's the results in a nutshell:

--Complete team effort

--Play physical

--Taking advantage of Detroit's weak penalty kill numbers

--Getting off to a fast start

--Don't lose Malkin to a big hit from Kronwall

--Team depth must come through

--Forecheck and ride Crosby/Malkin

--Keep crease clear, special teams, secondary scoring

--Play physical


A lot of fimiliar themes there, and I guess we can all only say so much.  Ready or not, this baby is about to get rolling with four games in six days, so lucky there won't be too much more idle time.