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They're either with us, or they're against us

When the field of 16 playoff teams slims down to the final two, fans of previously eliminated teams (or ones that failed to make the playoffs at all) tend to take sides.  While it's hard to imagine any Flyers fan backing the Pittsburgh run, I thought we could take a brief look at some of the love and hate coming from blogs around SBN.


Here's what other blogs are thinking.  If you're a fan of either team and think differently, feel free to express your educated opinion in the comments.  The same goes for any fan of teams that didn't make a pick for the Cup by the time this post hit the front page.

Please note, the assumption of whether a blog is with us or against us is based entirely on opinion expressed in the linked post unless noted otherwise.  If it is left up to poll or vote, that is also taken into consideration.


With us:

(Sabres) Die by the Blade - Pens in 6. 

(Islanders) Lighthouse Hockey - Pro Pens in favor of watching former Islanders skate for the Cup

(Hurricanes) Canes Country - This post, combined with Canes fans support in comments here, makes me think we have a friend in Carolina.

(Panthers) Litterbox Cats - Penguins in 6

(Canadiens) Habs Eyes on the Prize - Pens will edge Wings in 7

Against us:

(Rangers) Blueshirt Banter - Wings in 7

(Flyers) Broad Street Hockey - Wings in 6

(Capitals) Japers' Rink - No preview link to share, but J.P. personally assured me I can tally one up fooooooore! the "against us" column.



With us:

(Blue Jackets) Jackets Cannon - Initial poll results suggest with us (Writer Andy Newman also assured The Cannon is backing us)

(Blues) St. Louis Gametime - Pro Pens, if only to see Hossa lose

(Canucks) Nucks Misconduct - Pro Pens, siding with former Canuck Matt Cooke

(Avalanche) Mile High Hockey - Pro Pens, courtesy of JDunman's bro

(Sharks) Fear the Fin - I always knew Mr. Plank had good taste.  Pens in 6.

(Stars) Defending Big D - Two out of three writers pick Pitt.  That works for me.

(Blackhawks) Second City Hockey - Writer ChicagoKill is backing us.  His commentors may think differently though (Weren't they just eliminated by Detroit?!)

Against us:

(Predators) On the Forecheck - Dirk's amazing preview made my head explode and almost makes his prediction OK (but not really)


Against us:

(James Mirtle) From the Rink - Wings in 7


With us: 12
Against us: 5

If any others join the fray I'll be sure to add them as well.

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