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Game 2 Recap: Bankrupt in Luck; Pens get chances but fall 3-1 in Detroit

Last year after two games in Detroit the Red Wings mopped the floor with the Penguins and won the two games a combined 7-0 and outshot Pittsburgh 70-41.  While the score may have been 6-2 lately, it's been anything but one-sided.

Billy Guerin rang it off the post early in the game, Sidney Crosby beat Chris Osgood but found metal as well.  Either of those go in and we've got a new game.  Unfortunately the Penguins have been more bankrupt in the luck department than a Detroit automaker.

The Red Wings played their usual game of puck possession and play as solid five man units, exactly what you'd expect from them.  Detroit's played two good games, Pittsburgh has matched them in effort, shots and emotion but just haven't gotten the breaks to score with them.  Also you have to give the Red Wings a lot of credit for playing strongly in back-to-back nights when many experts figured them to be tired or at a disadvantage.

Pittsburgh's been down 2-0 before this playoffs, so nothing is decided just yet.  The Penguins get the benefit to go to home ice, get their favorable matchup and crowd to hopefully help turn this thing around.