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Round 2 Game 2 Preview: Penguins/Capitals

As Hooks pointed out yesterday, there's definitely a need for improvement in certain aspects of tonight's game.  It would really be nice to see the power play do more than just look like they're getting it together.  Personally that was one of the weirdest aspects of Saturday's game.  When Pitt had the man advantage they managed to move the puck and create what looked like good chances.  Yet on four occassions they managed only one shot.  That will hopefully improve tonight.

Sidney Crosby hopes the Pens put more pressure on Caps goaltender Simeon Varlamov.  He was obviously up for the task in Game 1, although it was also obvious that as a young goaltender he is still susceptible to small mistakes (ie. Mark Eaton's goal).

Evgeni Malkin told The Tribune-Review that he's not worried about his current four-game goal drought.  Geno managed only two shots on goal in the first game and will be looking to increase that in G2.  He's not looking to change his game per se, but he is interested in picking up the physical play.

As far as I'm concerned there's nothing you can pin on Marc-Andre Fleury in G1.  The guy played just about as good a game as his defense would allow.  If you want to extract one area to see improvement then I guess it's the old goaltender mantra of rebound control.  But even that is more a reminder than criticism.