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Round 2 Game 3 Preview: Penguins/Capitals

When Chris Kunitz crushed Philly's Kimmo Timonen into the boards in the first round, any question of a retaliation was handled right then and there when the Flyers' Scottie Hartnell dropped the mitts with Kunitz and stood up for his defenseman.  The situation played itself out in the old "govern yourselves" element of hockey that is often, under penalty of suspension or fine, forgotten.

Over the past 24-36 hours we've debated whether the Kunitz hit on Simeon Varlamov was suspension worthy and heard players like Ovechkin say they are disappointed more didn't come of it.  There's hardly any way to make guarantees in playoff hockey (wins, fights, or otherwise) but if a Cap is looking to dance with Kunitz tonight it wouldn't be the least bit surprising.

It's looking like Kris Letang may sit this one out after suffering what appeared to be a shoulder (ahem: "upper body") injury in Monday's loss.  He did partake in practice this morning, however Dan Bylsma may prefer a healthy defenseman over an injured one, especially when you consider most of Pitt's problems over the past two games have come on - you guess it, defense.

Eric Fehr may be out of the Capitals' lineup, in turn giving Michael Nylander a chance to play.  Obviously this is more the territory of Japers' Rink, so hit them up throughout the day to see what Caps injuries look like.

On a final note the crowd will partake in another whiteout tonight.  Hopefully it's more invigorating than the last one at Mellon Arena.