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Max Talbot - Pittsburgh's ultimate roleplayer

Max Talbot is getting his fair share of praise today on the Penguins site and Post-Gazette, so I felt it was only right to do it here as well.

World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons aside, Max Talbot is THE ultimate roleplayer for the Penguins and it's really showing in the playoffs.  That is if you allow yourself to look past the goals, saves and hits of the series.

It's the little things Max does on a consistent basis that often go unrecognized.

Last night Max opened up a lead pass from the sideboards in Pitt's zone that Ruslan Fedotenko quickly developed into a 2-on-1 and Pittsburgh goal.  His ability to win fights in the corners, find the tape on a teammate's stick and keep the tempo cranked to 11 is nothing out of the ordinary for Max Talbot, a.k.a Supa-stah.

Two points over nine games may not be the most flattering of statistics, but it's also not his job to pick up the points.  Those obligations are reserved for 71, 87 and 55.  But in a series comprised of the top three scorers in the league, it may come down to the consistent play of a guy like Max to ultimately shift the momentum and tilt the ice in favor of Pittsburgh.