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How the road team fares in Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 history

If not for the team's effort Tuesday night this post would not exist. Yet here we are edging closer to Game 7.  The defining moment of what has been a long, arduous and at times even questionable season is exactly two days away from the time of this post.

As you may have noticed, no team has won on the road in this series.  Given that pattern it would almost seem as if Detroit has the advantage at home in Game 7.  Pittsburgh's last win at Joe Louis Arena came on November 11, a 7-6 win in which Jordan Staal netted a hat trick.

I wanted to look back on all the previous Game 7s in Stanley Cup history, more specifically the history of champs winning on the road.

Year Home Away Winner
1942 Toronto Detroit Toronto
1945 Detroit Toronto Toronto
1950 Detroit New York Detroit
1954 Detroit Montreal Detroit
1955 Detroit Montreal Detroit
1964 Toronto Detroit Toronto
1965 Montreal Chicago Montreal
1971 Chicago Montreal Montreal
1987 Edmonton Philadelphia Edmonton
1994 New York Vancouver New York
2001 Colorado New Jersey Colorado
2003 New Jersey Anaheim New Jersey
2004 Tampa Bay Calgary Tampa Bay
2006 Carolina Edmonton Carolina

Unfortunately, as you can see, only two teams in the history of Cup-clinching Game 7s have won on the road.  The 1971 Montreal Canadiens were the last team to do it in Chicago - and that's after they dropped the first two games on the road.  The most interesting part about the '71 Habs is that up until their Cup-winning game in Chicago, every other game of the series was won by the home team.   Sound familiar?

[Edit] On only three occasions, 1955, 1965, and 2003, all games in a best-of-seven series were won by the host team.