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From the "obvious" file: Pens need to keep Detroit to less than three goals in Game 7

Great find from Gene Collier in this morning's Post-Gazette:

The Penguins, just for example, have won 15 games in this playoff spring. In 11 of those, the opponent has scored two goals or one. The Penguins have lost eight games in the same span, and every time, the opponent has scored three goals or more.

The Penguins, to torture a point, are 11-0 in the postseason when Fleury allows one goal or two, 4-8 otherwise.

Now, this isn't exactly rocket science or any breaking any new ground, but when we look back on tomorrow's game, that will almost certainly be the key.   Marc-Andre Fleury and the Penguins total team commitment to keeping the puck out of the net -- even if it means a broken foot or playing a little goalie yourself--could be the difference.

Because, chances are, if the Red Wings score a 3rd goal tomorrow night, it's not going to be a happy place around here this summer.