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Sergei Gonchar had partially torn MCL, Kris Letang and others injured as well

Coach Dan Bylsma said he wasn't going dislcose a lot of the team's injuries, and I'm cool with that.  Any team that makes it to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final is going to be a little banged up and bruised all over.  The focus is and should be the celebration of a great year, not to talk about who played through what.  And how are you gonna make light of your team's injuries when the opponent's captain is dealing with what he dealt with.

But here's the short version of the Penguins injuries:

  • Sidney Crosby "jammed" his knee in Game 7, it won't require an MRI or any further medical procedures.  Bing is expected to be just fine after he takes a well deserved rest.
  • Sergei Gonchar suffered a torn MCL in the second round on the hit from Alex Ovechkin.  While the diagnosis is to miss 4-6 weeks, Gonchar only missed 1 week before returning to his role of the team's #1 defenseman.
  • That same article notes Kris Letang was battling through a significant injury, but did not specify what it may be.  I remember Letang popped his shoulder in Round 2 against Washington and was a game time decision for Game 3 in that series.  It's pure specualtion on my part, but a shoulder injury could definitely hamper a defensemen from that point on.

No other injuries have been disclosed by the team, but it's a good bet all the players had their fair share of bumps are bruises.  Not that anyone is complaininig or has even noticed, as that pain fades away and has been replaced by the joy of winning the championship.