Pens already running out of Cap Space

Not a week after their Stanley Cup victory, the Pens front office is back to work. Earlier today, Ray Shero re-signed RFA Goligoski to a 3-yr, $5.5m deal. This was reported elsewhere on Pensburgh. What's shocking is that with GoGo's new contract, the Pens '09-'10 cap hit is currently at $48.67m out of the estimated $55m cap for next year.

This leaves the Pens with only $6.5m of space to work with, and they still have Scuderi, Gill, Guerin and Fedotenko to look at. I think it's safe to assume that players like Sykora and Satan will not return, but it's entirely possible that virtually all of their UFAs will be wearing new colors next year.

Also, that $6.5m is probably more like $5-5.5m, since they can't leave themselves without any wiggle room. So, instead of "What UFAs(plural) should the Pens re-sign?", we should say "What UFA(singular) should the Pens re-sign?".

Such is the price of having Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Gonchar...etc, etc.

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