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Pensburgh is going to the 2009 NHL Draft

Big news for Pensburgh and SBN as a whole - we've been granted press credentials to the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.  Myself and a few others (Robert of Habs Eyes On The Prize, Matt of Bird Watchers Anonymous, Travis of Broad Street Hockey, David of Die By The Blade, PPP of Pension Plan Puppets, Jim of Blueshirt Banter, and Brandon Worley of Defending Big D) will head up to Montreal next weekend to take in all the action on June 26 and 27.  I'm really excited for this opportunity and plan to offer some down-to-earth, man-on-the-scene updates.

For next weekend, Pensburgh will stand as a central hub for the draft.  Each team and draftee will have a quick rundown regardless of team affiliation.  After all, you never know which of these guys may wind up in the black and gold in a few years.   The Pens' pick will of course have a special post, hopefully with some extra quotes and interviews you won't get anywhere else.

I'll have an open thread up with regular updates throughout the day, along with updates on Pensburgh's twitter page.  I'd love to have you guys join even though, ya know, the Champs always pick last.  

I was so amp'd to relay the info to you guys a few weeks ago but I wanted to wait till the buzz of the Stanley Cup died down (and trust me, I wasn't exactly rushing THAT).

If any of you plan to be up around the Montreal area that weekend lemme know.