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SBN Hockey's mock draft

The SBN Hockey blogs are taking part in a mock draft, set to conclude on Thursday/Friday of this week.  If you're familiar with James Mirtle's From the Rink then you've likely seen a few picks coming and going from various teams around the network.  Individual blogs are also holding a poll of sorts to see what players may best benefit the team.

One of the quirks about the draft, from a fan perspective at least, is that there seems to be a general lack of reports and videos on some of the deeper picks.  If you had a chance to watch the World Juniors this past season then you don't necessarily need any more evidence to pin on guys like John Tavares or Evander Kane, but that hardly has an impact on Pittsburgh's pick.

Here's the list of mock draft picks already leading up to today.  We still have three days to go before I need to send in a pick.  I kinda have my eyes set on two guys in particular but for the sake of wandering eyes of fellow mock drafters I'll refrain from specifics.  I will however considering catering my pick based off the collective input from the comments here.

I suppose right now the question isn't so much "who should the Pens pick" as it is "what should the Pens pick?"  Defenseman?  Speedy forward?  Grinder?  You tell me.