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Checking in from Montreal


View of the Bell Centre from my hotel room

Hey all.  Just checked in at my hotel in Montreal and ready to get things rolling with the draft.  Here's what I have in mind for tomorrow.

I'd like to get a post up on every pick and keep the ole Twitter account firing off all day.  Obviously my attention is focused on what Pitt plans to do, but seeing as how they pick last I should have some time on my hands to hit up some other players and team news along the way.

As for the content on Pensburgh, I will kick off a Draft Day Open Thread in the morning/afternoon.  This will remain stuck to the top of the page all day, with individual draft stories appearing underneath and linked up in the body/comments. 

Other SBN guys are also roaming around town for the event as well.  Add their twitter accounts for updates from the draft room floor.  (And be sure to add us as well)