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2009 NHL Draft: Live from Montreal, Round Two [Open Thread]


The gameplan is to downshift the pace a bit today.  Yesterday's first round was definitely exciting but today I'm going to try and focus on just the Pittsburgh moves.  However if the option to snag and an interview with another team's prospect presents itself I'll likely do up a lil something.  If you want to look over all of the first round moves from yesterday you can do so by scrolling through Pensburgh's 2009 Draft section.  That specifically filters out only the draft reports from yesterday.

With the 61st pick in the second round and likely no trades to speak of, the Pens will be quiet for a while. 

So what do you think of the draft so far?

Man, they are just blowing through the second round today.  10 minutes in and already five picks down.  They weren't joking when they said it goes faster on day two.