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2009 NHL Draft: Don't worry, we'll play catch up

Things are flying by pretty quick here.  Only a little over two hours into Day 2 and already we're up to the fifth round.  I'm running around a bit trying to snag interviews and pics with whoever I can from Pittsburgh's camp, so if you don't see an immediate post rest assured I'm working on something for later.  So far I've picked up some stuff from Philip Samuelsson (61st overall), Ben Hanowski (63rd) and former Pen, Ulf Samuelsson.  Pens pick again at 151, which is likely about 5 minutes from now.  I don't want to miss a chance to speak to whoever is down there.  Who's to say one of these guys isn't the next Max Talbot or Kris Letang?

Recap of coverage:

30th Simon Despres (Audio available)
61st Philip Samuelsson

63rd Ben Hanowski