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Salary cap update: where the Penguins stand now

Pensburgher Malsby as a great fanshot up (and is updating it) about the Penguins current contract status and how much room is left.  According to him, the Penguins have about $5.5 million under the 2009-10 salary cap.  And here's what the roster now looks like after the signings of Craig Adams and Bill Guerin.

Kunitz - Crosby - Guerin
XXXXX - Malkin - Talbot
Cooke - Staal - Kennedy
Dupuis - Adams- Godard

Goligoski/ XXXXX


While it's not so simple as to give Ruslan Fedotekno $2.5 million and Rob Scuderi $3 million and call it an off-season, the pieces are falling into place.

There's still some considerable questions -- will Maxime Talbot be a consistent point producer in a Top 6 winger role? Does the defense have enough depth and the physicality to keep opponents at bay?  What happens if Marc-Andre Fleury goes down to injury again and leaves John Curry and Brad Thiessen as the two goalies?  However every team in the NHL is going to have questions (most a lot more pressing) and the Penguins only need to sign or replace 2 key contributors and they have just about the entire roster back from the Stanley Cup winning team.

Concluding, it looks like Ray Shero and co. in the front office have switched gears wonderfully from the joys of winning in order to keep key components back in place for next season. The job however is not finished, so it'll be interesting to witness what Shero decides on impending free agents and those on the market when shop opens up league wide tomorrow.