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It's all in the clips - Geno jokes, Matt Cooke kicks, Burghability

Not having much to write about regarding Pittsburgh injuries is always a welcome subject on this site.  While there may be a few to mention on the Red Wings, nothing has broken through just yet regarding game-time decisions for Pavel Datsyuk or Tomas Holmstrom (or any other injury for that matter)

A few videos are making their way around the Interwebs today.  From Evgeni Malkin cracking jokes about Max Talbot, to a hysterical mock beer commercial, take the jump and hone in on some clips to keep you occupied before the puck drops.


It looks like Geno's English is really improving.  So much, in fact, that I may have to consider putting the "Malkin learns English collection" to rest.



The difference, my friends, is Burghability:


One of the questions Coach Babcock was asked in yesterday's presser was whether or not he saw Matt Cooke "kick" Chris Osgood.  He admitted he wasn't sure but also made a face as if to say, "Oh.  Matt Cooke.  Right, that guy."  With Cooke you never really can tell, but Osgood wastes no time trying to win another award from the Academy after taking a tap to the dome.