I Possible Truth About Fleury

I must predicate this post with saying that of the four goalies the Pens have faced this playoff year I would take "The Flower" over all of them, except Cam Ward who played through the Eastern Conference Final with an ailing back that limited his ability to play at his best.

With that being said I think it is time for Pens fans to come to the realization that what you see in Fluery is what you get. He is the type of goaltender who has the talent to win games and even series for you, while at the same time lacks the mental fortitude to do it consistantly. Perhaps that will come with age, but for right now I have conceded to the fact with Fluery you just don't know what you are going to get night in and night out.

Seriously, ask yourself this question, "What do you expect MAF to be like on Tuesday night?" I will be honest in saying I just don't know. Does he come back and redeem himself from a dreadful showing in Game 5 or was that game the nail-in-the-coffin for the season? A rational and logical arguement can be made for either case, or something in between. With Fluery, you just don't know and there in lies the frustration.

I know us Pens fans still view Fluery as a kid, but he is 24 years old and has been in the league for several years, including three playoff seasons. I think there is enough of a sample to reach a conclusion in this guy. He was great in juniors, but "shit-the-bed" in big moments, Team Canada anyone? He has won games and series for the Pens, but has also played a major role in losing series as well.

Do you know what we may have with Fluery, the reincarnation of Tom Barrasso. Tommy won two Cups for the Pens (91 and 92), but he is also the reason why the Pens didn't win two more (93 and 96)

What do you think Penguin nation?

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