Pens will have a chance to make a final offer for Scuderi


"It's not unthinkable that Rob Scuderi could come back to the Penguins. "The nature of Rob Scuderi is that he is as loyal as an old dog," said his agent Steve Bartlett. Essentially, if the bidding is in the low $3 million range, Pittsburgh has a shot. However, if bidding reaches $3.75 or $4 million, then Scuderi, who has never had a big payday, will have to go for the cash." -- Kevin Allen (USA Today) What says you Pens fans, is Scuderi good as gone? With the way guys like Johnny Oduya and Jeff Finger both getting $3.5 million on long-term contracts, it's not a stretch to think another GM is going to come calling -- soon -- with a truckload of money for Rob Scuderi.