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Rob Scuderi: Minnesota Wild, Dallas Stars, New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning?

There's now more evidence than ever Rob Scuderi's play throughout the playoff run did not go unnoticed.  According to Rob Rossi, a few teams rumored to be in on the shot-blocking defenseman include the Minnesota Wild, Dallas Stars, New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning

The Minnesota Wild shouldn't come as much a surprise, seeing as how former Pittsburgh AGM Chuck Fletcher is now running things.  Similar to the Wild, the Dallas Stars have plenty of cap room available to make a serious bid on Scuds.  The Rangers - well, what players (aside from Nik Antropov) aren't they rumored to have some interest in? As for the Lightning, I guess they just enjoy picking up Pittsburgh's UFA's every year.

Although Hooks reported that Scuds will give Pitt the last chance to bid, I can't see how they will be able to match any offers from teams with as much cap room as the Wild, Stars and Lightning.