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The Pittsburgh Penguins sign LW Mike Rupp, 2 years $825,000 per season

In a somewhat surprising depth signing, the Pittsburgh Penguins have added gritty winger Mike Rupp for two seasons at $800,000 according to many credible sources on Twitter.  (UPDATE:  It's on TSN's free agent tracker now)

The Penguins already have Matt Cooke, Jordan Staal, Tyler Kennedy, Pascal Dupuis, Craig Adams and Eric Godard as bottom line forwards, as well as many promising young players, so the addition of Rupp is a curious one.

But injuries happen and Rupp, a 29 year old veteran of 335 NHL games, ought to add a little depth.  Rupp has just 27 career goals and 26 assists, so don't expect him to add much more than that.  Rupp has shifted into an enforcer role lately, getting into 16 fights this past season according to