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It's official: Penguins sign Jay McKee to one-year deal

From the official team release:

"Jay is a strong defensive defenseman who will bring additional experience to our lineup," Shero said. "He has great size and is an outstanding shot-blocker, and his veteran presence will help in the continued development of our young defensemen."

Forgive the skepticism and mild standoffishness to yesterday's rumors, but until something is official Hooks and I try to avoid saying a deal's a deal.  Especially when various news outlets suggest it as just being an offer, no matter how many rumors tend to favor Pitt.

But hey, enough of that.  We have our "replacement piece" and his name is Jay McKee.  Ray Shero and co. signed him to a one-year deal worth a reported $800,000 earlier today.  This is definitely a significant pay cut from his $1.3 million buyout from St. Louis, but I suppose he's looking at it in two ways.  (or at least I would)

1) He's jumping on board with a championship team and
2) Technically it's more like $2.1 mill since he was bought out.