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Want to win the Pittsburgh Penguins' Stanley Cup DVD? Here's how


We think there's an artist inside each and every one of you.  Seriously, we do.  And to put this theory to the test, Hooks and I decided to reward one lucky Pensburgh artist with a free copy of the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup DVD.  It's the least we can do.

We all have grand ideas of what it's like to celebrate the Stanley Cup victory.  We want to see your rendition of the Penguins celebrating.  Was it in Mario's backyard?  At a bar?  On the plane?  You tell us.  Draw your idea of what the Cup celebration was like for the Pens.  Or show us how one guy celebrated with the Cup.  The staff of Pensburgh (Hooks, Lavender, Dunman and myself) will vote down to the top 10 entries and then leave those up to a public poll.  The winner gets the DVD.

The rules of this contest are simple. 

  1. No photoshops.  NO PHOTOSHOPS.  Whether you choose to use a pen and paper, crayons or markers, MS Paint or a similar program, we want to really tap into your artistic side.  Best part is it could be stick figures, some sort of cartoonish rendition or whatever you feel comfortable with.  We're looking for funny - but not art school quality. 
  2. You must have a Pensburgh/SBN username.  Why?  Because each entry must be titled with your username.  It's the best way for us to avoid confusion.
  3. You can only enter once.
  4. This part is very important - you must host the image somewhere.  Send us a link to your picture, not an attachment.  Attachments won't be opened.  We'll save the images to our servers, so that's why it's also important that you title it with your username.
  5. Send your entry to Pensburgh [at] gmail [dot] com by 11:59pm on Friday with the subject line "I can draw".  The staff here will narrow down the entries over the weekend and open up the poll to vote for winners on Monday, July 20 at 8am. The polls close Tuesday, July 21 at noon.
  6. This contest is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.
  7. In the event the winner cannot accept the prize for whatever reason (as in, not in accordance with any of these rules), we will make second place the winner.  And so on, and so forth.