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Monday link roundup

On a slow summer day let's take a look few things are going on in the hockey world:

Brian Metzer has a great interview with the newest Penguin Jay McKee, who apparently will wear #74 in PIttsburgh [Hockey Buzz]

Purpoted ladies man (and a favorite of mine) Jiri Slegr is running for political office in the Czech Republic.  So why wouldn't he make a commercial showing him in a shootout. [The Pensblog]

The Penguins very well may have knocked Martin "French Toast" Biron out of the whole NHL with the way they roughed him up two years in a row.  Europe, at least for one year, seems likely [The Hockey News]

At least we'll always have this pink shirt/pink tie combination.  Hey Marty, you can spell NHL without Biron [Puck Daddy]

Congrats to former Pittsburgh Penguin Miroslav Satan who became a new father yesterday [Alan Walsh's twitter]

Jaromir Jagr's Top 10 goals as a Penguin....I like to remember Jagr as the guy in 1999 that put a Pens team on his back, even with an injured groin and about single-handedly led them to a series win over a superior NJ Devils team [NHL Fanhouse]

"Grandpa" Eddie Johnston, who's retiring from everyday duty, spent his day with the Cup in Pittsburgh. [KDKA]

Former Penguin coach/player Ed Olczyk won had some good luck at the racetrack...He won $500,000 on a $167 bet. (hat-tip Kuklas Korner) [Winnipeg Sun]

Wayne Gretzky's lawyers are trying to keep the Great One's personal finances and tax records out of the public view in the messy Coyotes ownership saga. [ESPN]

The Colorado Avalanche should re-build in the mold of Pittsburgh, not Detoit.  Not sure I agree, Pens were lucky to be bad around the years Fleury+Malkin+Crosby were draft eligible.  Guys like that don't always come around.  Even if they say Matt Duchene should be a solid pro, he's not going to be a 100 by age 21/22 like Sid and Geno. [Denver Post]

The NHL has some kind of announcement today at Fenway Park.  Hmm, why would they hold a hockey press conference at a baseball stadium during the first day of the MLB All-Star break?  (Not exactly news-braking spoiler: Boston Bruins vs. Philadelphia Flyers on 1/1/2010 at Fenway for the Winter Classic) []