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Sidney Crosby wins the ESPY for best hockey player

(Warning: spoliers for a taped event show from ESPN ahead...If this concerns you, I extend my pity.)

For I believe the third consecutive year, Sidney Crosby has won the ESPY for best NHL player.  Granted it's a fairly meaningless honor considering how little ESPN covers hockey on television, but an honor nonetheless and a pretty good indication that amongst the general fan public it's Crosby, and not Alex Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk or Evgeni Malkin that is the most recognizable and popular player in the game.

Malkin -- who won the regular season scoring title and the post-season MVP obviously had the best season from start to finish, but I digress.  As I asked on twitter, do you even think Geno knows what an "ESPY" is?  I would be every dollar in my wallet he does not.

It was also a fairly good night for the other championship team in Pittsburgh, as the Steelers took home "Best Game" (for Super Bowl 43, natch) and Best Play for HARF HARF HARF's SB winning pass to Santonio Holmes.  Unfortunately, both Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and Pens coach Dan Bylsma lost "Best Coach" to Phil Jackson of the Lakers.  ESPN also didn't give James Harrison the award for best player, what a mistake.  You know, if anyone cared.

This concludes your ESPY report.

Actually a picture of Erin Andrews on the red carpet concludes your ESPY report.  You're welcome, boys.