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Repeat? Evgeni Malkin's talking three-peat

I love reading interviews translated into English.  It doesn't matter what the original language is that's being translated.  You get the literal meaninkg of everything.  Sometimes this is good, as evidenced in yesterday's Petr Sykora/Dan Bylsma post.  Other times it can be bad, often leading to a ridiculous amount of hype that distracts from the actual game (remember the Alexander Semin/Sidney Crosby comments from last season?)  But even still there are times when it's merely entertaining, or in the recent case of Evgeni Malkin, I suppose one could say inspiring.

Sports Express has a few great quotes from Geno, extracted from a recent article that ran in a Russian paper.(thanks to Dirk from On The Forecheck for the link):

On the Stanley Cup Finals:

"The series was extended to the decisive seventh match and one mistake could have decided the whole game. Maybe we were lucky enough, but I suppose that we played better than our opponents".

Winning again (and again?):

"Someone could think that one victory was accidental like good luck or help of referees. That is why it’s very important to win this trophy for the second and the third time to prove people that we are one of the strongest teams of the league throughout several seasons".

The Olympics:

"I would lay special emphasize on Russian and Canadian national teams. Two failures at the World championship frustrated Canada and they will do everything possible to redeem for these losses at home".

Hey, I'll take a three-peat any day if that's what Geno's gettin at.  A few other fun quotes available on the site too regarding the World Championships and the playoffs.  Check em out.