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Some Saturday Linkage

First off, if he haven't seen it yet, check out this incredible Stanley Cup tribute video.  Throughout the playoffs you probably saw a few of the videos coming from  This more or less concludes the series, but here's to hoping this isn't the last of them all together.

The NHLPA is begging players - OK, "insisting" players - to not take part in on-ice activities at Olympic camps.  They're just a wee bit concerned about insurance issues

In the ongoing summer saga that is the Phoenix Coyotes, the team will potentially have a new bid coming in next week.

For those of you who through there was even a slim chance that the Penguins could land Colby Armstrong after he filed for arbitration (regardless of cap space and his desired salary), I have some discouraging news - he's staying in Atlanta.

I still don't get why people think this is an issue.  It's not like Crosby would ask for money on Myspace anyway.  Let's be serious here.

Better Dynasty - Penguins or Red Wings?

And on a Pensburgh-related note, contest entries have been received and will be up for public viewing and voting Monday at 8am.  Poll close Tuesday at noon.