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Rob Scuderi signs with Los Angeles Kings

Beat writer Rob Rossi confirms via Twitter that the LA Kings and Rob Scuderi have agreed to a deal.  Can't wait to see what the details are.

Report on the Trib-Review's page suggest the following:

Terms are not known, but the Kings had offered a multi-year deal at what was believed to be a $3 million annual average salary.

The Penguins are believed to have offered a five-year deal at $10 million total.

I wonder what Scuds was looking for the most.  The money or longevity?  Five years at $2 mill per seems pretty low, given his stupendous display in the playoffs.  But if the multi-year deal in LA is something like, three years, then it could be interesting.  I doubt it's three, likely five if that's what he was offered in Pitt, but even still...

[Update] TSN reports the deal is four years, $13.6 mill (annual of $3.4 mill).