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The Petr Sykora interview that never happened

Props to Woodrow Wilson for getting on this one earlier today

Remember that interview from that last week from a Czech newspaper that suggested Petr Sykora wasn't returning to Pittsburgh?  Remember all those comments about Dan Bylsma that seemed out of place from a guy who just won the Cup?  Turns out they were are made up.  Yup.  The interview never happened.

"Everybody regards 'Blesk' as a publication that makes up about 90 percent of its stories.  Petr said he saw the story and laughed. He couldn't believe it was being talked about on all these Web sites back in the states."

Allan Walsh
(Sykora's Agent)

Maybe not everybody in the States, but I know at least a few sites that will now. (Pens Blog hit this earlier too)

While it does remain true that Sykora will not remain a Penguin next season, Walsh claims money is the real issue there.  It's not like Sykora is commanding a ridiculous offer either.  It's just a salary cap issue, as you can imagine.