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And the Stanley Cup DVD winner is...



I asked out residential arteest to share a few words on his creation.

That scene came to me almost immediately when I heard about the contest. My friend Bob Kelley sent me a link from Twitter that he saw about this and said I should enter. Since I have a history of drawing hockey players it was right up my alley. The scene was actually Mario's game room in Sewickly, hence the trophies in the back and his cigar smoke in the upper left. I pictured the guys all celebrating there, which they actually did. It took about an hour to draw I guess. I wanted to get as many guys in there as I could but I missed a few (Eaton, Garon, Dupuis, Godard...sorry guys). I had to laugh out loud when I drew Fleury because it really looked like him. I also wanted to get Staal's big Amish beard in there, Fleury's last second save on the TV and of course a dig at Hossa.


Thanks to everyone for playing.  This is the first time we tried this on Pensburgh and I have to say I was extremely amused by each and every entry.  Hopefully you guys enjoyed it as well.  We'll definitely do up something like this again in the future.