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Saturday linkage - Fantasy draft, Hossa's shoulder and Crosby's Cup plans


  • James from Cycle Like the Sedins has an interesting idea.  What would the league look like if all of the players could be drafted again?  I was asked to pick for Pittsburgh, 13th overall.  I know there's a bit of a shady history with Ilya Kovalchuk and Sid, but you have to put those things aside when you're trying to build a team.  Plus Sid was drafted by the Canucks anyway.  Check it out.  Cause you know, I'm qualified to be a GM and stuff. 
  • Marian Hossa underwent shoulder surgery yesterday and is expected to miss the next four months.  [Puck Daddy]
  • Interested in how Sid's going to celebrate with the Cup?  Sid's hometown paper has the rundown on his plans.  If you play street hockey in Nova Scotia, I'd advise you show up to the Crosby house with gear.  You might be able to hoist the Cup.  [S/T From the Rink]
  • has a lil somethin somethin on Craig Adams.  It's always good to see hustlers like him get the spotlight from time to time.  []
  • Also from the league's site, Dan Rosen breaks down the top 10 most underrated signings of the offseason.  Former Pen  Rob Scuderi lands in second while Jay McKee takes eighth.  []