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Sunday linkage - Hockey relationships, available UFAs and the Bathgate legacy

  • To kick things off, check out this great piece on Andy Bathgate and his famous grandfather.  PS - his grandfather scored the first goal in Penguins history. [Trib-Review]
  • In the past we've had two interesting relationship moments to share here on Pensburgh. There was that story of a guy on Craigslist trying to get a date during the playoffs. And of course how can we forget the awesomeness of the Dear Margo column that ran in December? SBN regular and Maple Leaf blogger WrapAroundCurl is looking for a few good peeps to take part in her survey regarding hockey and relationships  Head on over and help her out.  [WrapAroundCurl]
  • A few teams will be sporting new jerseys next season.  The Predators one isn't bad.  The Wild one?  Eh, you be the judge.  [Puck Daddy]
  • Let's not forget there are still a lot of unsigned forwards out there.  While the Penguins may not have the means of acquiring many of the bigger names, some of the guys on this list may land in the East.  Guess who tops the list?  [Puck Prospectus]