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Minnesota Wild interested in Ruslan Fedotenko?

We don't really do rumors here because let's face it - you can make any of that stuff up.  But once a few reliable sources start chatting a player/team up as a serious suggestion, we're happy to take it into consideration as well.

The Fourth Period suggests the Minnesota Wild may be interested in Ruslan Fedotenko.  Tank is allegedly still on Pittsburgh's radar and is expected to make a decision today on where he plans to play in 2009.  Keep in mind the Wild have been linked to a few Pittsburgh free agents over the past three days, likely because former Pittsburgh AGM Chuck Fletcher is running the show now. 

Fedotenko made $2.25 million last season as part of a one-year deal with the Pens.  The same salary could be a fit as part of Pitt's $4.7 mill in spending cash.  However, Rob Rossi suggests nothing is close with the Pens and a Ray Shero presser is expected soon.