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Penguins sign defenseman Nate Guenin

Stick tap to Malsby for the heads up...

With regards to the history of signing Ryan Malone and Bill Thomas, the Pittsburgh Penguins once again added a local guy to the roster today with the signing of former Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Nate Guenin.  Actually, he was more like a Flyers system guy more than a Flyers one, seeing as how he only played in a single game last year.  However in the time spent manning the Philadelphia Phantoms' blue line, he managed to pull in four goals and 13 assists.

It's hard to say if Pitt plans on bringing this guy up to the Penguins' blue line or if he will step in for Wilkes-Barre as the lower part of a few lateral movements in the system.  It's a fairly affordable deal either way, as Dave Molinari notes on the Post-Gazette's web site:

The deal will pay him $500,000 if he plays in the NHL, $105,000 if he plays in the American Hockey League.

Molinari also notes that the Pens may still have their eyes on Jay McKee, a defenseman from the St. Louis Blues.  Ray Shero had a presser set for 1:30 today, so I'm sure we'll hear of Pitt's intentions soon enough.