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Who can take on Max Talbot's role?

Max Talbot's surgery was a success and he will miss the first month or two of the season.  That much is certain.  The big question that a lot of people tend to be pondering is this - who can fill his skates while he's recovering?

According to the Post-Gazette, Talbot's replacement will come from within:

"We've known for a while this was coming. It doesn't catch anybody by surprise.  We may give one of the younger guys an opportunity or maybe [Tyler] Kennedy moves up a little bit."

Ray Shero

When you consider where the Pens are coming from financially, keeping it within the system seems like the most logical solution.  It's not like the team has money to burn on a third or fourth line guy who more or less returns to purgatory when Talbot is back in the lineup.

Seth from Empty Netters touches the topic a bit, wondering if maybe an old friend may have an opportunity to return or perhaps even a WBS regular:

With Talbot sidelined, does that make re-signing Petr Sykora or some other fairly competent second-line winger a bigger priority? Or can the Penguins get by for two months plugging the gap with a guy like Dustin Jeffrey?

Empty Netters

Seeing as how Shero suggested he wants to keep the replacement internal, I'd imagine Jeffrey stands out as the better candidate at this point than Petr Gunn.  Besides, Sykora and Talbot couldn't be more polar opposites if they tried.  At least with a younger guy like Jeffrey you know he's going to skate like his season is on the line.  If that means logging a few extra minutes and throwing his body around then I'd imagien he'll do what it takes.  Since when have the Pens called up guys from the farm that didn't play their hearts out like that? 

There are big skates to fill for someone, but who will fill in for Max remains up in the air.  Have anyone in mind?

[Edit] Phantaskippy is already a fan of Tyler Kennedy in the role.