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The Penguins have a Stanley Cup DVD? Ya don't say

If you haven't seen the Penguins' Stanley Cup DVD yet, then you owe it to yourself to drop everything and just do it.  In the event you don't want to spring for $25, then keep your eyes open over the next week or so because you just might have a chance to win one from your buddies here at Pensburgh.  Or ya know, maybe we'll give away two.

It's a brief history of the season but done in such a concise way that it doesn't drag.  From the very beginning when Sergei Gonchar went down with a shoulder injury up until the parade through the streets, I found myself unable to control face muscles.  I think doctors call it a smile.  

There's some great commentary from broadcast guys like Dan Potash, Mike Lange and Phil Borque in addition to a bunch of guys from the locker room.  You'll laugh at how various members of the team describe Max Talbot and exactly why he plays so well under pressure. 

The bonus features are also pretty funny.  Lavender commented to me yesterday that his favorite was the one where Billy Guerin rags on Sid and Geno.  I'll leave it simply at that.

I considered typing up a review of sorts with time stamps of what's going down on the DVD, but figured that would most definitely ruin the surprise of it all.  So if you've seen it and agree/disagree with my opinion, chat it up in the comments.  And again, if you haven't seen it you may be able to get it for free very, very soon.