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Pens may sign defenseman Jay McKee

[Edit] News has since been reported that McKee will decide over the next day or so where he will sign.  Nothing official as of yet, as now reflected in this post.

According to Andy Strickland (St. Louis based NHL writer for and his twitter:

Jay McKee signing 1 yr deal worth $800,000 with Pittsburgh Penguins.

Whether you like it or not, Twitter's become the fastest the fastest way to get information now in this super-paced world of technology and information.

McKee's signing, which we've spotlighted here on Pensburgh, may be the best fit the Penguins could get at this point of free agency.  McKee is a veteran, positional play defenseman -- much like the two Pittsburgh lost through free agency in Rob Scuderi and Hal Gill

McKee was bought out by the St. Louis Blues, so he's drawing a paycheck from them and is in the perfect position to not need money (good thing, the Pens don't have much room under the cap).  And McKee, who by all accounts had a pretty good season last year, could have a chance to play on a marquee team in Pittsburgh to redeem his name and set himself up for a better contract next go around.

Last year McKee killed 3:18 of penalties a night, a hole the Penguins obviously could use to fill without Scuderi and Gill.  Also McKee led the Blues in blocked shots with 185, more than Scuderi or Gill.  McKee was also credited with 78 hits, so don't expect a basher but he will throw his body around a little.  At 6'4 and 205 pounds he'll also add size to the blueline.  Perhaps best of all McKee is turning 32 years old this September, a little younger than you may think.  McKee has had injury problems in the past, but is said to be healthy and feeling good coming into his offseason training regimen.

It's the perfect player to be place in the perfect role at the right price and term.  If Ray Shero gets this done he comes up aces once again.

Projected Penguins defense (still early but the pieces are now in place):

--Lovejoy, Guenin in reserves