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Saturday linkage: Sergei Zubov leaves NHL, Mike Yeo all smiles, Sid top Canadian

You know, for weekend news we sure have some interesting things to touch up on here.

  • For starters, former Penguin Sergei Zubov agreed to a deal with the KHL's St. Petersburg team earlier this week.  Zubov only played one season with the Pens, from 1995-96, but his career was nothing short of impressive.  1,068 games. 152 goals, 619 assists for a total of 771 pts.  Not to mention he was a +148 over his 16 year career.  Good luck bud.  [TSN
  • Could the Dany Heatley drama be done?  Well, there's no way to say for certain but at least Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambelliniis is openly admitting he has lot any and all interest in the situation.  [THN]
  • Greg Wysh over at Yahoo! found a great story about Penguins coach Mike Yeo.  Read up on it and maybe you'll feel a bit of guilt for getting on his case about the power play earlier in the year.  Or not.  [Yahoo]
  • Dan Rosen of thinks Steven Stamkos is going to have a breakout year with the LightningClaude Giroux, you know, that guy who played a pretty strong game against the Pens in the playoffs, is also on the list.  []
  • From the more reasons for everyone else to hate him file - Sid is ranked the top Canadian on a list that also includes the likes of Martin Brodeur, Marc-Andre Fleury and Chris Pronger.  []
  • And finally, maybe you'll get a chuckle out of some of the jersey ideas that readers sent over to Greg at Puck Daddy.  The Penguins one is obviously not done by a fan, but some of the other ones are pretty good.  Personally, I like the Rangers one.  [Puck Daddy]