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Monday linkage: Patrick Kane's taxicab confession, get to know the Coyotes (without that bankruptcy stuff)

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If you haven't heard by now, Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane was involved in a little bit of an altercation with a taxi driver in Buffalo, New York.  And by "little bit of an altercation," I mean robbery, fourth-degree criminal mischief and theft of services.  Given the status of hockey news at this point in the offseason, you can only imagine the over saturation in every outlet.  But from every incident such as this always comes a bit of humor as well.

  • Here's the official story on the matter.  [The Hockey News]
  • Apparently Kane's cousin started the altercation over 20 cents that was owed to him and Patrick.  The increment is what motivated a lot of fans to start calling him "20 Cent."  Check out this pic.  [Second City Hockey]
  • It didn't take long for some genious t-shirt entrepeneur to come up with a catchy logo and slogan.  In case the auction ends, here's the pic.    [Ebay]
  • Leahy over at Puck Daddy posted up a Kane mugshot.  It'  [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of fun; Lori from MTFT put together a Patrick Kane blingee expo.  [My Three Favorite Things]
  • Steering away from the Kane drama a bit, In Lou We Trust collaborated with Five for Howling to give us all a bit of insight into the Phoenix Coyotes.  Best part about it - you can actually get to know the team a bit more than what the latest headlines portray.  Good read.  [In Lou We Trust]  You can read the Devils one up on Five for Howling.
  • 30 Days of Mario - Day 5.  [Faceoff Factor]
  • Don't know how I missed this the other day, but hey - better late than never.  THN has the Top 10 Jeremy Roenick quotes.  [THN]