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Friday linkage: AHL schedule drops, peek at Canada's jersey, Pens in Olympic camp

  • If your boss doesn't mind (or you have headphone at work), check out Sid's 8:30 interview on WXDX.  As is the case with every game, you can listen live from the comfort of your desk.  [WXDX listen live]
  • Philippe Boucher ponders the Penguins, his career and retirement.  [Last post]
  • The AHL released its regular season schedule yesterday afternoon.  For those of you in the Baby Pens' market, or for those just interested in maybe catching a game or two online, here's the season rundown.  [WBS Penguins]
  • Former and current Pens make up for a pretty healthy amount of players checking in at Olympic camps.  Faceoff Factor breaks it down by player and country because they like to make life easy for all of us.  [Faceoff Factor]
  • The NHL is scheduling a bunch of preseason games at neutral arenas throughout the US, Canada and Europe.  Perhaps a game will make a stop in your neighborhood.  [From the Rink]
  • And finally, the first steps in the Patrick Kane cabbie confrontation are taking place in New York.  The long, dramatic summer of criminal mischief continues.  [THN]
  • The Steelers smacked down Arizona again, only this time no trophy is awarded.  It's preseason, but when it comes to watching something on TV it beats baseball any day.  [Behind the Steel Curtain]
  • Speaking of football - uh, Michael Vick is back in the NFL.  Guess which city he signed with?  Hint: It rhymes with Filly.  [Bleeding Green Nation]