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Penguins Versus/TV Schedule

The NHL revealed it's 2009/10 TV schedule yesterday afternoon.  Versus is, perhaps to the chagrin of many hockey fans, once again pushing a bunch of NHL games this season.

The Penguins make eight appearances, the maximum for any team on the network:

Penguins on VERSUS

Date Opponent Time
10/20 Blues 7PM
11/10 @Bruins 7PM
12/15 Flyers 7PM
1/11 @Wild 8PM
1/25 @Rangers 7PM
2/1 Sabres 7PM
3/22 @Red Wings 7PM
4/6 Capitals 7PM

Check out the whole VS TV sched here.

It's a pretty strong TV schedule for the Pens, if ya ask me. The Bruins will likely be contenders again, the Flyers are, well, the Flyers.  The alleged "new and improved" Wild in January, another Staal vs. Staal matchup against the Rangers (where I'm sure we'll see many more lovely tidbits of information such as who likes tacos, mojitos or hammocks), a lovely rematch against the Wings in March and the final regular season VERSUS broadcast against the Caps on April 6.  What would a season be without a glorified Sid vs. Ovie matchup?

As of right now, NBC only has one game scheduled for 2010; the Winter Classic on New Year's Day between the Flyers and Bruins.  They have mentioned, however, that an NBC sched will drop once 2010 rolls around.  I guess they're looking to gauge which teams are hot/not and schedule according to projected ratings.  Just my guess though.

For our Canadian friends, you can also check out the TSN schedule, as well as CBC.