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Saturday linkage: Dany Heatley's still crying, Team Canada is insured

  • Thought this summer's headlines would only be filled with trials and tribulations of cheap taxi fare, international hockey coverage and what city the Stanley Cup will land in next?  Think again.  Dany Heatley's back and he's not happy!  [THN]
  • Oh right, there was one other headline.  That guy Jim Balsillie and all that Phoenix Coyotes nonsense.  Mr. Mirtle puts together a fine piece on the guy's character, complete with a nice creepy "I'm rich and know it" smile from the man himself.  [From the Rink]
  • All this Olympic talk is great and all, but has anyone given any thought to the well being of the players?  Don't get me wrong - I can't wait to see Sid, Geno, Gonch and Orpik on the international rinks - but I will admit I'm already having anxiety over injuries sustained in the pursuit of gold.  At least Team Canada has its team covered.  []
  • Speaking of Olympics, the women's team is getting together and waiting on a final team announcement.  [ESPN]
  • And to wrap up this installment of Saturday linkage, Wysh found a great goal celebration video to share with the class.  Frankly I could've gone for something a lil more extravagant/over-the-top/worthy of a misconduct, but I'll take what I can get at this point.  [Puck Daddy]